5 Skin Care Picks For Winter

5 skin care picks for winter Soap & Glory, Boots Laboratories Optiva, Urban Rituelle Hand Therapy, Botani Soothing Facial Mist

Every year, winter fills me with dread. There’s something about the cold that makes me want to hibernate under the warm blankets and add to that, my combination-dry skin with a history of eczema that starts getting flaky and sore. Luckily, I have found a few skin care go-tos to help me get through the… 

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Why I Write

Why I Write

I have seen the Why I Write blog hop making its rounds recently and last week, the lovely Serene from Living Serenely emailed to ask if I would like to join in. I said yes of course! 1. Why I Write? I was a Literature student throughout my entire academic life and have always had a… 

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Make Up Geek Eyeshadows

Make Up Geek Eyeshadows Haul + Swatches

Having heard so much about the Make Up Geek eyeshadows, I knew I had to try some myself. As I have been preferring matte eyeshadows of late, I thought … [Read More...]


A Change + A Little Back Story

Hi, it’s me. Still me. Only with a different dress on. But still me. I hope you like this new look? If you have followed my wee little blog for … [Read More...]


My 2014 Midyear Stocktake // Reflections & Thoughts

So where we are at now, is the second half of 2014. It is such a cliche to lament the quick passing of time but seriously, especially when you have … [Read More...]


A Lesson On Forgiveness

If you read a couple of my personal post in the past, you would know that I had some neighbour problems recently. This young couple is an average, … [Read More...]


How To:: 3 Minute Make Up For The Busy Mum / Lady

As a busy mum and a non-morning person {see here}, I often have only a few spare minutes to 'put mah face on' {as my husband calls it} before stepping … [Read More...]


Some Lifestyle Changes I Have Had To Make // Time Saving and Efficiency Tips

Recently, my working hours have been slightly increased and coupled with more activities to juggle with, I often find myself hard pressed for time. I … [Read More...]