Oct 13, 2013

A Little Sunday Haul Post

It's been a while since I did a haul post. I realise I am quite a restless person; I go through 'fits' of stages all the time. When I shop, I'll keep shopping for a few weeks. Then, I'll go off it for a while and just not buy anything for a long while. Then I'll start shopping again. I kind of indulge in myself when I'm in the mood to shop, knowing I'm not like that all the time (or is that an excuse)?

I've been buying a lot of sports attire as I have recently made a commitment to myself to have a healthier lifestyle. I haven't proper exercised in a long time and my weight is still sitting at the 38kg mark almost 2 years after pregnancy. It is terrible and I hate looking and feeling so tiny. It is unhealthy and it is not my optimal weight. I have been exercising, jogging, walking and being more active.

I was recently looking at some Lorna Jane active wear and there was actually a sale. I already put some items in my shopping cart which I was about to check out when I went to Big W down the road and saw a whole range of Michelle Bridges active wear. The price range is so much different and at that point, I admit I wasn't sure if I should invest so much in active wear as I wasn't that confident of myself in sticking with my plans. I then bought some Michelle Bridges active wear instead and channelled the money I would have spent into a make up haul from Amy's blog!

I love the Michelle Bridges range. They are so comfortable, functional and definitely have great quality. The price range is so affordable (mostly around the $25 - $40 mark) and I love the styles available as well. The coral shorts are from Mambo and are so comfortable! I love the gold details on the tie string.

From Amy's blog sale, I got a bunch of Rimmel goodies for only $7. Rimmel Quad Eye Shadow in Smokey & Purple Reign | Rimmel Scandaleyes Eye Liner | Rimmel Sexy Curves Mascara (not pictured here but you can see in the previous pic)  I can't wait to have a play with these Rimmel goodies!

I was so excited about these Sleek blushes I got from Amy ($10 for both). I have been wanting to try them for so long and I definitely wasn't disappointed. I actually said wow when I opened the Blush By 3. The pigmentation and colours are just so impressive. My camera didn't do a really good job in capturing the vibrancy and intensity of the colours :(  The colours are definitely much warmer in real life.

I also picked up the Dior Expert Travel Studio ($40 which is a steal! It usually goes for almost double the price if I'm correct). If I'm not wrong, this is usually available at duty free in airports/airlines. I have actually seen this while on my travels a few times now but never picked it up because... you know, I'm always with my husband and he'd probably get annoyed with me picking up even more make up.

This Dior Expert Travel Studio features 6 gorgeous Dior eye shadows, Diorshow Iconic Mascara, Diorskin Extreme Fit Supermoist powder in light beige, 1 Glowing Colour Powder Blush in Raspberry, a concealer in light beige, a lip balm, a Dior Addict Ultra Gloss and 2 Dior Addict High Colour Lipstick.

That's not all! There's a little compartment under the top one where you give a little push to reveal. There's a foundation brush, a mini eyeliner pencil in Black, a mini lipliner pencil in Linen, a double ended lip brush and double ended eyeshadow applicator.

I love getting try different products from a brand but there is always the risk that some shades/colours might not suit. I'm so glad to say I will get a lot of use out of this set. The eye shadow colours are beautiful, so are the lip colours and blush. I also especially love the lipliner - it's a neutral beige-brown with a amazing creamy formula. The only thing I might not use as much is the powder. I rarely use any powder now and it's too light for me.

To top it off, the lovely Amy popped in 2 extras for me. Thanks so much Amy! If you're looking for some beauty bargains, do have a look at Amy's blog sale. Her prices are so reasonable and the products are all brand new.

That's my little Sunday haul post for today! Have you guys hauled any beauty/make up recently?


  1. Great haul. The Dior compact was such a great buy :)

  2. You got nice products. That Dior set was a real steal! :D

    1. Thanks Sylden! Yeah I was so happy to see it up for sale :)

  3. Wow that Dior compact is stunning! I have been meaning to try out the Sleek blushes, the colours are just so stunning :)

    1. The Sleek blushes are amazing! The colours are so pretty. I already feel like I want to get the others in the range :)

  4. You did very well. I don't like to shop and do so only when I have to for myself. I do love to shop for others at Christmas. I love getting gifts I know they will love. That is the only time I like to shop.
    Coming from The Meet & Greet Blog Hop


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